Thanks to our friend, Karyn Winrich, for her efforts in compiling these very helpful resources for those dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial impact of living with disabilities. She has particular expertise in the financial arena, often one of the most difficult obstacles encountered. We hope you find the information helpful:

- Simple Home Fixes to Ease Parenting with Disabilities

- The Survival Guide for Kids with Physical Disabilities & Challenges.  

Note: This is quite long, but it’s a fantastic booklet with activity sheets that children and their parents can use together. It’s really well-done!

- Parenting with Disabilities: A Guide to Home Modifications

- How Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities Works

- The Guide To Keeping Your Home Through Debilitating Disease

- Long-term Disability vs. Short-term Disability Explained

- Understanding Disability Insurance

- Handicap Accessible Modifications That Won’t Turn Off Future Homebuyers