Why Green?

We all have a responsibility to help make our community better.

When we set out to construct our 60,000 square foot building on Keller Road in Orlando with renowned architect, Raymond Scott, we wanted to leverage sustainable materials and minimize our carbon footprint. We think our eco-friendly, multiple State and National Award Winning, "Green" building does just that with numerous thoughtful, well planned features.  From the outdoor "tree house" feel of our patios to the 3 story dramatic and colorful glass atrium entrance, the environment is unlike anything else in Central Florida . . . guaranteed.

  • Natural shading
    Natural trees to shade the building
  • Minimal paint
    Minimal paints and adhesives that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), which produce noxious fumes and decrease ambient air quality
  • Recycled carpet
    Recycled tiled carpet that is easy to remove when stained or when remodeling (cradle to cradle)
  • Natural light
    Natural light that is available to the wider reaches of the office by orienting workspaces toward windows
  • Low-emissivity glass
    Low-emissivity glass to reduce the effect of the exterior temperature on the office
  • Monitor Energy usage
    Implementation of systems that monitor and manage energy and lighting uses
  • Sanitary
    Low-flush toilet fixtures, waterless urinals, motion censored sinks, and low flow showers
  • Refrerators
    Energy star rated refrigerators and ice makers
  • And more
    Solar window shades, passive landscaping, low wattage lighting, water usage controls on all faucets, rainwater collected and discharged in green area

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
Native American Proverb

The interior of the building embraces the natural light passing through large windows on the north side of the building allowing us to use less lighting, whereas the south has smaller windows with shades to help control the heat. Virtually all desk placements allow employees natural light.  Finish materials like paint, wall covering, dropped soffits, slat walls, raised plexi, art work and millwork were selected to add an additional layer of dimension and interest to interiors.

Large outside patios on the second and third floors have a “tree-house” look and feel.  Visitors have the choice to be shaded by the use of trees and/or artwork or to enjoy the direct sunlight.  We also have a fitness facility on premises because physical health clearly enhances mental well-being and productivity.

And, for your listening enjoyment, the entire building is wired for stereo sound.  This is not your typical and overly abundant "box" construction.  The character of this space is found in the unique stamp of a world renowned architect with a blend of angles, glass, core tam steel, aluminum, rock, landscaping, and other materials that create a beautiful work of art that meshes flawlessly with its well preserved surroundings.  Most importantly, it reflects  the "outside the box" thinking that sets Riley Allen Law apart.

We welcome your visit to our office.