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Riley Allen Law. Award Winning Law Firm.


Riley Allen Law. Award Winning Law Firm.


Riley Allen Law. Award Winning Law Firm.

High Stakes Litigation is Not for Everyone.

Our ability to litigate complex legal matters makes us unique from other law firms, and it is where our reputation across the various practice areas we serve has been built.  

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Past Results

Representative Samples of our past Verdicts and Settlements (but which are not a guarantee of future results or outcomes).

49 Million
Defective Product Multidistrict Class Action litigation.
32 Million
Whistleblower claim against spinal device manufacturer for paying illegal kickbacks. False Claims Act precedent setting case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court. Defendant was also required to pay substantial attorneys' fees.
21 Million
Exposure to toxic chemicals and disabling related injuries verdict.
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  Honored to be Recognized as Tier 1 in Two Categories

We understand full well how difficult it is to be recognized by our peers in one category in Best Lawyers and U.S. News & World Report, much less at the Tier 1 level (which represents the top vote getters in specific categories of practice).  We are incredibly humbled and thankful to be recognized in two Tier 1 very competitive categories, particularly, considering how many excellent trial lawyers we have in Central Florida.  We were recently advised that for 2024 we have also been recognized as Tier 1 in these categories, now four years in a row at the top vote receiver level. We will continue to strive to earn the recognition and trust bestowed. Thank you, sincerely.

Best Lawyers Tier 1 - Commercial Litigation 
Best Lawyers Tier 1 - Personal Injury Litigation

To be a successful trial lawyer opposite the Goliaths out there you have to be passionate and you have to be driven and fearless.  You don't just wake up one day and decide you want to spend your career in a courtroom taking on the big and the powerful.  You have to have an innate desire because it is hard work, it requires personal sacrifice, and it requires putting others, i.e., strangers and their causes, above your own interests.  If you can do that, the reward is great and satisfying.  For more than 35 years, we have prided ourselves on standing in the shoes of those we represent and making their causes our own.  It is what separates us.

The common trait that our clients share is that their future success and well-being hinge on the outcome of their cases.  We routinely represent families fighting against powerful insurance companies, consumers seeking justice against large product manufacturers selling dangerous or defective items, honest people blowing the whistle on fraud, small businesses fighting back against seemingly overwhelming odds, and families struggling with brain injury or with the loss of a loved one in a terrible accident.

While each of these situations is uniquely different, their similarities are great.  Each requires a tested and "real" trial attorney with the skill, experience and wherewithal to engage in a legal battle against the defendant that typically has vast resources and extensive experience in defending itself.  David did not wait on Goliath. He reached into the creek, pulled out five smooth stones, and went hunting for Goliath - fearless, but well-prepared and ready.

Orlando's well-recognized and respected, complex "high stakes" business litigation and catastrophic accident lawyer, Riley Allen, possesses a strong combination of extensive trial experience, business savvy, out-of-the-box thinking, and an understanding of how to prepare for and prevail at trial on any complicated case. His track record speaks for itself in the public arena, and before the Bar and Judiciary.

Our ability to litigate and take to trial complex legal matters makes us unique from other law firms, and it is where our reputation across the various practice areas we serve has been built.  Professing to have ability and actually having it are two different things.

For more information, contact Riley directly at, or call us at 407-838-2000. We welcome your inquiries.

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