Accidents are not just accidents when they result in serious injuries (such as paralysis, brain injury, severe burns, or dismemberment) or the wrongful death of a loved one, and when they are due to the actions or negligence of others. In these cases, accidents are needless tragedies that may have been avoided.

Accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries or wrongful death create a whole group of challenges – emotional, physical and financial. Catastrophic injuries are typically permanent and require ongoing, expensive medical care. They result in lost wages and lost quality of life for the victim and family members. And in the event that a loved one dies, how do you make up for lost earnings or account for the emotional impact?

While nothing can be done to change history, a skilled personal injury law firm with a true track record of success and achievement can make sure that current and future damages are accurately predicted and provided. These economic and human damages can include current and future medical care, prescription medicine, physical therapy and lost wages, along with pain and suffering.


The first step to successfully resolving a serious injury or wrongful death case is to identify the responsible parties. In many situations, the circumstances of the injuries are not straight-forward, and it can often be difficult to ascertain responsibility. Several different parties may ultimately be found to have some level of responsibility. And it goes without saying that when large corporations and insurance companies are involved, they will aggressively defend themselves if blamed.

Once the responsible parties are identified, it is critical to determine all past, current and future expenses and damages resulting from the accident. Often the defendants and the insurance companies don’t accurately identify these costs, and what may sound like a reasonable estimate falls well short of what’s needed for the victims and their families’ wellbeing.

As established trial attorneys with a history of obtaining outstanding verdicts and settlements for our clients, we have built and honed these capabilities over time. We use cutting-edge investigative techniques and the best experts in their fields, along with our critical thinking and deep experience, to reconstruct the accident and conclusively establish fault. We then work with accountants, doctors, caregivers and economists to accurately identify damages.

Next, we negotiate with the responsible parties to get a fair settlement, but if one is not forthcoming, we are prepared to go to trial. We have a number of resources and informational articles that may be of help to you in your search for an attorney, and you can view these here or in our Info Center.

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