Studies show that more than 20,000 people each year in Florida are affected by medical malpractice or medical errors by hospitals, doctors or hospital staff. Unfortunately, many of these incidents involve birth injury to helpless infants.

Birth injuries are often avoidable. Also, those who are affected may have the right to recover compensation from the professionals responsible. If your child suffered a birth injury, it is important to speak with an Orlando birth injury lawyer to discuss your rights and learn about your legal options. Birth injuries are different from birth defects. Birth defects are typically caused by unavoidable genetic factors or by the mother’s actions during her pregnancy. Examples are Down's Syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome.

Birth injury is caused from a medical complication during labor or birth, such as a prolonged delivery, stressed delivery or deprivation of oxygen to the baby.

Common types of birth injuries caused by medical mistake include:

  • Cerebral palsy – deprivation of blood and oxygen to the brain
  • Shoulder dystocia – infant’s shoulder stuck on mother’s pelvic bone during delivery
  • Brachial plexus palsy – paralysis of the shoulder from extreme shoulder dystocia
  • Erb's palsy – Brachial plexus palsy that affects only the shoulder and arm
  • Klumpke's palsy – Brachial plexus palsy that only affects the lower arm, wrist or hand
  • Birth paralysis – Ranges from lost feeling in one body area to full quadriplegia
  • Most of these conditions are caused when a physician or hospital staff fails to identify the risk to the fetus and delays necessary care such as a caesarian section.

In many cases, it is difficult to identify whether an injury was caused by the actions or negligence of a healthcare professional. An experienced Orlando birth injury lawyer can examine your case at no cost to let you know if you can seek compensation for your child's care.

If your child suffered injury during labor or birth, it is important to speak with an Orlando birth injury lawyer as soon as possible to learn your legal options. Contact us today as time is limited.


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Medical malpractice or birth injury cases can be complex legal matters. It is important to choose a lawyer with knowledge of the applicable laws and experience fighting and winning these cases.

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