In an ideal world, business would always run smoothly, fair trade would happen flawlessly, and all businesses would operate in an ethical manner. However, it’s a fact of doing business that some transactions do go wrong, and disputes arise. Since founding our firm, our attorneys have focused on commercial litigation and honed their skills on particularly complicated or seemingly unresolvable commercial cases.

Corporate and commercial disputes occur across all industries, from pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology and financial service companies – to retail and real estate development. Our commercial litigation law firm helps companies involved in legal matters to assess their options and make decisions consistent with their business goals.


At the law firm of Riley Allen Law, we are not just attorneys, we are successful business people. We continuously stay on top of the latest business changes and industry trends, understanding how these affect our clients and their businesses.

As commercial litigation attorneys with extensive experience, we understand all applicable state and federal laws and we apply skillful tactics and strategies to resolving your case. The business world is constantly changing due to technology. We are changing to not just keep pace, but to set the pace, using new techniques such as electronic discovery and the latest in forensic accounting methods. The big firms typically leverage intimidation. We, however, relish the role of fighting the big firms as a modern day David to their Goliath.

Lastly, as trial lawyers, we prepare every case for the courtroom, which often helps to speed the resolution. Our lawyers have extensive experience in both the state and federal trial and appellate courts and with numerous administrative agencies.

If you are facing a commercial litigation, business dispute or fraud claim, we will gladly discuss your options with you. We are often able to identify solutions not yet considered. Please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 407-838-2000 for a consultation.