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Fraud Watchdog Calculates False Claims Act Saved Over $3 Billion this Year

Whistleblower Attorneys like Riley Allen, a long-time member of TAF, are celebrating the news from fraud watchdog Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF) that the Federal Government recovered over $3 Billion in 2010 alone through actions brought under the False Claims Act.

Under the Qui Tam provision of the False Claims Act, originally enacted during the Civil War, everyday citizens with evidence major fraud against the government can file lawsuits on their own and share in the proceeds as a reward.

Often attacked by business associations and lobbyists as causing frivolous litigation, the Act has actually been shown to be extremely efficient and effective.  TAF calculated that $15 was recovered for every $1 invested in investigations and prosecutions.

Other statistics show that 80 percent of the fraud recoveries this year have been from the health care industry.  All of the cases in the top ten for amount recovered were related to false charges against programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

If you have evidence of fraud committed against our government, contact a TAF False Claims Act Attorney like Riley Allen today for a confidential evaluation of your case.

The complete article is available at FRAUD Update (TAF) - Oct 25, 2010