Car Accidents:  Dodge & Chrysler Seat Belt Failure

Dodge & Chrysler Seat Belt Failure Lawsuits

Seatbelts are designed to protect occupants of a vehicle during a collision by keeping them inside the car and preventing them from striking other parts of the interior. When a seatbelt fails, an already-dangerous accident can become much more harmful. Automobile experts have linked seatbelt failure to several Dodge and Chrysler models, however the problem can affect cars, trucks and SUVs of all makes.

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If you have been injured as a result of the failure of a seatbelt to stay latched during an accident or failure to release following an accident, contact us today to discuss your legal options.  The time to file a lawsuit may be limited.

Seatbelts have been required equipment in the front seats of all vehicles since the 1970s and are required to be worn at all times in most states.  They are primary restraint safety devices installed in cars, trucks and SUVs to increase passenger safety in the event of an accident.  Along with airbags, seatbelts are intended to prevent your head and upper body from striking the interior during a crash, and to keep your body from exiting the vehicle.

Seatbelt failure can occur in many ways including accidental unlatching, tearing, belt detaching and improperly-fitting shoulder harnesses.

Accidental unlatching happens when the buckle opens due to moving objects or inertia during an accident or sudden stop.  Belt detaching occurs when the top mount of the belt detaches from the side of the vehicle.  Tearing or ripping of a seatbelt can happen due to the use of defective material.  Finally, an improperly fitting shoulder harness caused by defective design or installation can injure or strangle a passenger.

These types of seatbelt failures can lead to serious injuries or even death. Those injured or killed by these defects dont receive the safety benefits they expected when purchasing a vehicle or when they relied on the safety claims of the manufacturer.

Dealing with the pain, loss of function, medical bills and lost wages associated with a car accident can be traumatic.  If that accident was further worsened by the failure of an important safety device, it can be even more frustrating.  During this difficult time you must make important decisions that will affect your future health and well being, as well as your ability to take care of your family.

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